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September 2021 Issue
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September, 2021


Hello CO-LABS friends,


The forces of science and discovery-based policy are coalescing towards an historic national decision to fund federal research to levels not seen (in context) since the 1960s. Within parts of Congress, the vision is clear for investments that would empower the spectrum of federal agencies' research in Colorado (and across the country) and support federally-funded science entities across the state. However, the support is not formalized yet. Fortunately there is so much to be inspired by in the research labs throughout Colorado - we are sincerely communicating to our elected and civic leaders how your projects and partnerships are crucial and provide the science-based solutions to our country's challenges. 


Alas, as I write this the federal government is set to shut down again on October 1. If this is not resolved immediately, the waste of time next week incurred by scientists to plan to not be able to access their work as of Oct. 1 would be another self-inflicted setback to our country's scientific leadership. If a shutdown indeed happens, it is another blow to our global scientific standing, and an egregious waste of our taxes as the expense of a "restart" is more than any theoretical savings, with the attendant loss of data, research activity and collaborations. 


Fortunately the network of CO-LABS is resilient and includes a range of stakeholders who can continue their research and partnership activities that leverage the brilliance and resources of federal labs. In fact, Colorado's robust spectrum of innovative technologists and science-themed companies and academics embody one of the most active and growing hubs in the country. I am optimistic for a budget approval vote that recognizes the value of keeping our national competitiveness engine cycling along strong.  


There are a few recent highlights below. Thank you for your support, and for all the ways you enhance Colorado's crucial research ecosystem!



Dan Powers

Executive Director, CO-LABS

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