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May 2021 Issue
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May 2021


Hello CO-LABS friends,


Our country needs a profoundly urgent, proactive science and technology ramp-up akin to previous national mobilizations around getting to the moon, creating the national highway system, mobilizing for WWII and similar major collective visionary efforts in our national security interest. Our position as the global leader in technology R&D and innovation advances is teetering in numerous realms.


China's Belt & Road infrastructure program, our global standing in STEM education and internet based cyber-espionage are existential threats to our innovation leadership and hence national security. Biosecurity issues from public health to food system stability to extreme weather events are omnipresent and intertwined. The urgent need for new energy paradigms and related transportation and resilient building infrastructure investments are unrelenting priorities. 


And yet, fortunately -  in Colorado dozens of brilliant federal laboratories and partners in academia and technology transfer are bursting from the churn of 2020 with discoveries, ideas, collaborations and manifesting their science more quickly than ever. Quantum mechanics, infectious disease research, new energy tech, aerospace-informed discoveries, vast computing capabilities to measure, assess and model natural systems - so much is being brought forward as options and solutions to our challenges! With proposed streamlining of federal laws and various incubators, accelerators, grant and prize programs, VC funding symposiums etc. - we have large pieces of our necessary national scientific enterprise gathering momentum here in Colorado - indeed leading the way in many cases. Thanks for your support, and please keep promoting, educating and connecting our crucial research ecosystem!



Dan Powers

Executive Director, CO-LABS

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