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Our armed security guards are trained and licensed to carry any weapon, which they may use when the people or locations to which they are assigned are under extreme duress. They are responsible for protecting designated people and places and should report noteworthy incidents to the company as they occur. We provide full 24/7 backup armed guards also in case of any emergency. Our armed guards also ensure that the safety equipment remains in excellent and working conditions all the time. The responsibilities discharged by them use absolute discretion regarding the use of their weapon Our unarmed security guards are on alert and remain calm and confident and maintain a personal demeanor that helps him/her to control situations effectively using personal initiatives. The unarmed guards are always in a communication mode with the fellow partner to sense any unusual situation that arises. Their primary role involves guarding designated premises and people by manning the first tier of protection aided by appropriate security equipment/devices. The core responsibility involves being on patrol 24/7, night and day shifts, preventing terrorism, and proficient in fire and emergency situations.

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