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How to write a book if... Struggling with obstacles


There is a beginning, the middle is heroically finished and now it's time to pick up the "tails" of the story, that is, to give answers to all the questions and put a period. And suddenly, there is a stupor. Why?

If the work on the book goes smoothly, then the final often lacks strength. You know how it all ends, but you can't gather your thoughts or forces. Often, pay someone to write an essay it's the strength.

A book needs emotions. Without them, it is impossible to write a "live" text. But our emotions are not infinite. And emotional fatigue is more difficult to overcome than physical.

What to do? Postpone work and gain emotion. Favorite books and movies, old or new, socializing, walking - find something that always recharges your emotions. Accumulate them. And in between, sketch a draft of the ending, so as not to distance yourself from the story.

And then there's this: the ending just isn't clear. Or much more needs to happen before it. According to logic and the volume of text it would be time to download the book, but there is nothing. But the adventures of the characters continue, the intrigue unwinds, the idea writing papers for money acquires new details, and the world is just beginning to feel.

There are two ways out of this situation: an open ending and a second book to continue the story, or just an open ending.

Logically, the plot ends when the intrigue is solved: Evil is defeated, the hero has found his parents, love or the door to his home world, Good triumphs, the prophecy is fulfilled. Then we can call it a day.

If there's nothing to write about? This "if" refers to textual voids, holes in the story. It arises when the "middle" is poorly developed, or when the idea is accidentally changed.

The latter often happens when the idea or intrigue is not worked out thoroughly - from the very beginning to the very end. Then any random scene can change not only the direction of the plot, but also the plot itself.

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