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Do You Believe Science Matters? 

Imagine connecting with the spectrum of brilliant researchers shaping the future of Colorado's leadership in science - and supporting this network with your organization and personal involvement. Prepare to make inspiring, relevant connections as a CO-LABS member.

The CO-LABS consortium includes Colorado federal research laboratories,

research universities, state and local governments, economic development organizations,

private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Plus,

individuals with a savvy and principled support for science.   

Your support includes funding for COLABS’ Economic Impact studies that quantify

the significant contributions of federally funded labs to Colorado’s economy.

You can also access special events, tours, reports and connections

with Colorado’s innovative scientific resources.

"I have worked for companies that spun out of both NREL and JILA. These companies provide scientific equipment to a global community working on solving some of our most important problems. CO-LABS is doing a great service to the scientific community and the Colorado economy by bringing people from a wide variety of backgrounds together and highlighting the activities that take place here. My participation in events hosted by CO-LABS has helped foster strong connections with other participants and together, through our networks, we have made each other more successful business people, better communicators, and more involved in the political process.Thanks for all you do!”
-    Orri Jonsson, Sales & Marketing Manager, ColdQuanta


Membership Levels: 


Our top level 


Includes exclusive gatherings, presentations and access to Awards, tours, luncheons and conference calls and curated introductions with VIPs



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Special access to tours, reports and gatherings, including significant exposure within

CO-LABS communications 

and more


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Engaging  your organization with tours, presentation, networking and CO-LABS communications

and more


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Basic membership for event and lab tour access, and support for


mission and



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Options  for

your organization to be highlighted at 

the annual Awards event, special workshops and gatherings 



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support for CO-LABS 

includes legal,


and communications 

projects, with

access to events and other mutual benefits


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