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2019 CO-LABS Governors Awards event winn
2019 CO-LABS Governors Awards event Erik

Eleventh Annual Event Honored Colorado’s
Top Scientists and Engineers
for Projects Having a Significant Impact on Society!

On November 12, 2019 we celebrated  brilliant discoveries from the realms of atmospheric science, nanotechnology and laser physics, extreme weather and flood dynamics, global greenhouse gas tracking, and tax-payer funded grants enabling commercialization of Nobel-Prize winning technology to track methane leaks - and all projects were the result of amazingly creative, complex and necessary multi-agency partnerships.
Our premier scientific research recognition event in Colorado saw 250 researchers, entrepreneurs, business leaders and government officials celebrate the exceptional and groundbreaking work of scientists and engineers from Colorado’s federally-funded research labs and institutes. 
Presented By:
WINNER: "Free Range Frequency Combs: a collaborative journey from national lab to Colorado’s oil and gas fields"

The winning technology is Dual Comb Spectroscopy Methane Detection:  Technology based on Nobel Prize-winning research in Colorado can detect methane emissions as small as a quarter of a human breath from over a mile away!

WINNER: "Avoiding deadly floods through innovative partnerships: Estimating extreme precipitation in the 21st century to enhance dam safety and community resilience"

A multi-agency, private sector partnership to calculate flood risks to dams in Colorado with incredible precision to improve public safety - AND serve as a national model.
WINNER: "Discovering a major violation of the most successful international treaty, the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer"

A data-sleuthing effort that revealed outlaw emissions of CFC-11 - violations of Montreal Protocol emissions standards - resulting in China making a national-level plan to comply with the Protocol.
Watch their Spotlight Videos below - and say "WOW!"​
See full project details at the 
2019 Governor's Awards for High-Impact Research Website
including nominations, press releases, photos and more!
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