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  • Dan Powers

Transforming Energy: The NREL Podcast

Did you know? "Transforming Energy" is an amazing podcast highlighting the latest research and news from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) as they work to achieve the laboratory's vision of a clean energy future for the world.

In the recent November 29 episode, the hosts discuss NREL's early history. Learn about the intricate history of NREL, from its origins in response to the 1973 energy crisis to its official designation as a national laboratory in 1991, encapsulating a narrative of evolving energy priorities, political influences, and technological advancements. Kerrin Jeromin and Taylor Mankle take us on a journey through time beginning with the establishment in 1973 of the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI).

The hosts discuss a dynamic journey marked by political changes, budget fluctuations, technological breakthroughs, and influential leadership shifts that shaped SERI's transformation into NREL in 1991, marking a pivotal moment in the laboratory's history.

Previous topics include hydropower, agrivoltaics, electric cars, floating solar energy and a lot more! See more>>>

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