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Impact Toolkit

Please help CO-LABS share the news of our 2017 Economic Impact Study


The study provides an overview of our state’s 30+ federally-funded lab and institutions and their impact to the state. With the current national dialogue around our federally funded labs, information about their impact to our state is more important than ever. In addition, our communication goes beyond Colorado audiences as we describe the manner in which the labs are a national resource providing the crucial research that is the foundation of countless industries, jobs and impact of global stature. We are deeply committed to describing how the labs' concentration, proximity and history in Colorado are crucial to their efficacy as national treasures that inform, inspire and nurture the future of our country.

See the full Study Here

Where do you come in?

We ask that you please help us communicate this important information to your various stakeholders, communities and networks.  We have created a digital toolkit for you to reference, which includes: (click to download) 
·         a press release

·         one-page overview infographic

·         sample social media posts (click) and images (below)

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