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117th Congressional Committees Shaping CO-LABS network

CO-LABS has compiled a list of relevant Congressional Committees and Subcommittees that are a source of politcal debate, formal hearings and deep policy dicussions that affect the budgets and priority activities of the entire CO-LABS ecosystem.

"The scope of topics discussed by our elected Representatives and Senators has direct impact on the work of the federal research labs in Colorado," says CO-LABS Executive Director Dan Powers.

"The recent Biden Adminstration Executive Orders are influencing the hearings adn new bills being debated by numerous Committees, and it is savvy for the CO-LABS network of academics, technology experts and private sector economic development experts to follow where Congress is directing federal agencies and their research labs to focus their research. This often includes new and/or re-focused funding streams for labs to address crucial national priorities AND fund partnerships with private sector and academic technology of all kinds."

The report also lists all the Colorado delegation members that are on relevant Committees.

2021 Congressional Committees relevant t
Download • 211KB

Download the 2021 Congressional Committees of Relevance report>>>

Follow the upcoming hearings and announcments from Colorado's elected federal offcials on our the Congressional Updates webpage.

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