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Dec. 8: CO-LABS ROI on Research Series - Dr. Judah Levine

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

When you ask “what time is it?” the answer is provided thanks to Dr. Judah Levine. In 2009

Dr. Levine was recognized for his development of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Internet Time Service in the category of Information Technology for the inaugural "Governor's Award for High-Impact Research" event hosted by CO-LABS and Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. He was recognized for groundbreaking research that has shaped global timekeeping with atomic precision, with impacts on crucial high-tech networks ranging from our nation’s electric power grids and telecommunication networks to the stock market to the global positioning system (GPS).

Judah Levine is a Fellow of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is the leader of the Network Synchronization Project in the Time and Frequency Division, which operates twenty-five time- servers at four locations and receives approximately 1,000,000 requests per second for time in various formats over the public Internet.

In this webinar Dr. Levine will be describing how his research has evolved as a fundamental technology enabling billions of digital transactions and communications, including the time scale which is the reference for all NIST time services and is the civilian time reference in the US.

This session is part of the CO-LABS "ROI on Research" Series providing updates and inspirational insights to the longer-term impacts and ways brilliant research from scientists in Colorado has manifested over the years. This Series highlights the previous winners of the Governor's Awards for High-Impact Research beginning in 2009.

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