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FLC 2021 National Meeting Call for Topics

For the first time, the Federal Laboratory Consortium National Meeting Program Committee would like to invite YOU to suggest topics you'd like to see discussed at the next National Meeting, which is scheduled for April 6 - 8, 2021.

The FLC National Meeting Program Committee is looking for topics that are educational, timely and appeal to a wide range of audiences. Deadline to submit is December 21, 2020.

Feel free to suggest topics for plenary sessions, training workshops, panel discussions, demonstrations, point-counterpoint debates, or something else we might not have thought of. Speaker suggestions are optional. But if you do want to suggest a speaker (or speakers) to go with your topic, please be prepared to provide their affiliation and contact information on the submission form.

Use the list of potential program tracks below, and the examples of session titles under each track, to start brainstorming.

  • Intellectual Property Management

    • How Agencies Decide Whether to Seek IP Protection for an Invention

    • AI and the Patent Process

  • T2 Agreements

    • CRADA Workshop

    • Licensing and Negotiation Workshop

  • Operations/Administration

    • How to Show a More Direct Return on Investment (ROI) and Tie Back to Labs’ Mission and Core Programs

    • Developing Your Staff Through Teaching

  • Marketing & Business Development

    • Marketing Tools for the TTO

    • Innovative Ways Labs/Agencies have Implemented Marketing Strategies

  • Compliance

    • Legislative Changes

    • Best Practices for Small Agencies

  • Hot Topics

    • Inclusive Innovation

    • Legal Hot Topics

  • Industry/Federal Labs Partnerships

    • Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Culture in Federal Labs

    • Fostering Industry-University-Federal Lab Collaborations

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