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  • Dan Powers

June 8: Grand Opening of Innosphere's newest Laboratory Facility

Innosphere Ventures, the Colorado-based incubator and commercialization program that accelerates business success of science and technology-based startup companies, is having a Grand Opening event on June 8, 2022 for their new 7,500 square foot laboratory facility in North Fort Collins. Hear from speakers including the City of Fort Collins Mayor. RSVP required, see more info here>>>

Innosphere’s newest bioscience building aims to be an affordable option for bioentrepreneurs in Northern Colorado. The facility will offer shared equipment, as well as business education programming specific to the needs and challenges of science-based companies.

The new bioscience building includes ten private wet laboratory spaces that will be the future home to startup companies operating at a biosafety level 1 and 2. As a wet laboratory, the facility will accommodate life science activities that include tissue culture, cell and molecular biology, and experiments that involve liquid substances, as opposed to a “dry lab” that typically only focuses on computer-assisted experiments.

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