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May 24 - 27 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

ARPA-E will host the 11th ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit virtually, May 24 – 27, 2021. The Summit convenes the best minds in innovation, business, academia, and government to advance cutting-edge technologies and facilitate relationships to move technologies to market. Check out the video invitation from new Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm!

The ARPA-E Summit brings together top minds from industry, investment, academia, and government to discuss some of the toughest challenges facing the energy community. The 2021 Summit’s theme is “Expanding American Energy Innovation,” a nod to both the agency’s research and development mission and its goal to grow the energy innovation community.

The virtual event will combine the most popular elements from past Summits with new ways to stay connected. The 2021 Summit’s robust virtual event platform will bring cutting-edge technology, networking opportunities, and conversations regarding the future of energy technology to you, wherever you may be. The event will include live speakers, technology demonstrations, real-time networking, and plenty more.

2021 Summit attendees can expect:

-- Technology Showcase featuring 300+ next-generation energy technologies

-- Live demonstrations of select technologies

-- Networking opportunities, including the Government Agency Networking Program (GANP)

-- Breakout panels that highlight technical and commercial opportunities

-- Exciting keynotes from industry leaders and luminaries on the future of energy technology

To register, go to

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