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  • Dan Powers

NEON Spotlight: The Best of 2020

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) has brought together scientists from agencies and universities across the nation, and this year NEON has facilitated ecological breakthroughs across disciplines and at unprecedented scales. The goal of the NEON program is to provide high-quality, consistently generated, standardized data—free and available to all users—that will enable scientists, researchers, and students to address critical questions and understand changes in ecosystems over time. The program's comprehensive data, spatial extent, and remote sensing technology enables the user community to tackle new questions on an unmatched scale.

Read 10 of the most exciting news items from the NEON program in the past year, including the welcoming New Chief Scientist and Observatory Director Paula Mabee, partnering with NASA to track how climate change will impact wildlife communities and phenology, and the importance of ongoing data collection programs during COVID-19 disruptions.

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