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  • Forest Service RMRS Research Proposes Transformative Wildfire Management

    Numerous wildfire management agencies and institutions rely primarily on simple risk approaches to wildfire that focus on technical risk assessments that do not reflect the complexity of contemporary wildfire risk. Scientists, researchers and stakeholders of the US. Forest Service's Rocky Mountain Research Station have released a thoughtful review paper arguing that such insufficiently complex conceptualizations of risk, which do not account for the social and ecological diversity of fire-prone areas, are key contributors to the continued wildfire dilemma. They share five principles to guide approaching wildfire as a complex risk to increase adaptation to and coexistence with wildfire. Their report discusses distinctions between approaching wildfire as a simple and a complex risk and illuminate the need for expanded and complimentary ways to further fire adaptation. Read more>>> Five suggestions are proposed in this study to shift the approach of wildfire from a simple to complex risk approach to build solutions that increase adapting to and coexisting with wildfire. These principles provide a pathway to looking at wildfire risk as not something to be “solved” but an iterative approach that facilitates living with fire and improving outcomes by accounting for the social (and ecological) diversity of fire-prone landscapes. Such efforts are more likely to yield socially relevant and legitimate strategies for building wildfire adapted communities by recognizing and accounting for the complexities of wildfire governance amongst a variety of stakeholders who may operate at various scales using different knowledge systems.

  • New University of Colorado President Todd Saliman visits JILA

    University of Colorado President Todd Saliman visited JILA last week to tour JILA and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Fellow Eric Cornell's laboratory and meet his team. “You are all working to change the world,” President Saliman said. His visit was due to an invitation from JILA and NIST Fellow Eric Cornell to tour his laboratories. Cornell has been a scientist at JILA since the 1990s and research impacts the fundamental areas of atomic, molecular, and optical physics well as quantum mechanics. His work on the Bose-Einstein Condensate, an ultracold quantum system, won him and fellow researcher Carl Weinman Nobel Prizes in 2001. From that time on, Cornell has continued to research atomic and molecular optics, mentoring many graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in their careers. President Saliman viewed two of Cornell's laboratories, looking at several laser systems the researchers use to study electrons and other particles. Cornell, for his part, was delighted to explain his research and introduced his entire laboratory team to President Saliman. The President was amazed by not only Cornell's research but the team, ranging from recently graduated undergraduates to post-doctoral researchers. President Saliman asked Cornell about the impact of his research on both scientific discovery and his work mentoring students and researchers in his laboratory. “The students and post-docs are my pride and joy,” Cornell stated. Read more>>> Image Credit: Kenna Castleberry/JILA JILA was founded in 1962 as a joint institute of The University of Colorado Boulder and the National Institute of Standards & Technology. JILA is one of the nation’s leading research institutes in the physical sciences. Theycredit this reputation to the high quality of their scientists and their productivity, which is supported by JILA’s structure and resources. Their scientists explore some of today's most challenging and fundamental scientific questions about the limits of quantum measurements and technologies, the design of precision optical and X-ray lasers, the fundamental principles underlying the interaction of light and matter, the role of quantum physics in chemistry and biology, and the processes that have governed the evolution of the Universe for nearly 14 billion years.

  • ARPA-E Funding Drives Innovation & Partnerships at NREL; May Summit

    Among the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's (NREL's) many funding agencies, the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) funds what is perhaps some of NREL's most innovative work. ARPA-E's mission is to advance promising technologies that are not yet ready for private-sector investment, with the goal of developing new ways to generate, store, and use energy. The high-risk, high-reward nature of these projects is what makes them so exciting—and what requires NREL researchers to use their most creative problem-solving approaches. This year, ARPA-E-funded projects will be showcased at the 12th annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, to be held on May 23–25 in Denver, Colorado. In the lead-up to the summit, NREL researchers are reflecting on the ways in which ARPA-E funding has allowed them to advance innovative research and develop robust industry partnerships. Since 2009, ARPA-E has provided approximately $2.93 billion in R&D funding for more than 1,270 potentially transformational energy technology projects. NREL has played a key role in many of these projects, ranging from developing new solar cell material growth techniques and improving grid control to reducing energy use in transportation. In the five ARPA-E projects featured here, NREL's collaborative, partnership-oriented approach has been crucial. Read more>>> Photo by Werner Slocum, NREL

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  • CO-LABS Colorado Science

    Championing Colorado's World-Class Research Ecosystem We Connect Colorado's Scientists, Universities & Businesses #ScienceMatters Federal lab internships & jobs CDC News: COVID-19 Info DID YOU KNOW? Colorado Has Over 30 Federal TaxPayer-Funded Scientific Research Labs From agriculture to aerospace, geology to GPS, extreme weather to quantum physics, even wildlife biology to ice cores (and more!) the range of crucial, world-class research in our state is astounding. Nurturing this network is our mission. We aim to keep these labs funded , and keep them here . ​ We connect technologists to help manifest scientific discoveries improving the world - Let us connect you with brilliance! PROMOTE We get into the numbers, the ROI, answer the "who cares " question. We promote the economic and intellectual value of taxpayer-funded research through reports, studies and media coverage. ​ EDUCATE We spotlight incredible work by Colorado's world-class scientists. ​ We communicate the value of Colorado's federal research labs with newsletters, podcasts, social media and interviews. CONNECT We connect smart, curious people with scientific research labs. ​ We host lab tours, conference calls, workshops and special gatherings to connect you with brilliance. “CO-LABS does outstanding work for Colorado’s science community, supporting research labs that advance the frontiers of knowledge as well as sustain Colorado’s diverse economy. Its mission strengthens productive connections among research facilities and vital stakeholders across the state. I deeply appreciate the dedication of CO-LABS and look forward to continuing collaborations with this important organization.” ​ - Antonio J. Busalacchi President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) NEWS March 31 Webinar: Marshall Fire Research Update UNAVCO Webinar: Mentoring Undergraduates: Techniques And Best Practices Department of Energy Releases 2022 Technology Commercialization Fund Solicitation For the Colorado Space Business Roundtable (CSBR), m any of our members are small and medium businesses who may not understand the value of the labs that are in our own backyard - CO-LABS provides tours and opportunities for sharing information that allows our membership to tap into the work of amazing scientists and create new partnerships. I believe it is important to keep these lines of communication and opportunity open for all.” Alires Almon, Founder, Deep Space Predictive & Chair, Colorado Space Business Roundtable

  • Join CO-LABS

    Join CO-LABS Do You Believe Science Matters? ​ Imagine connecting with the spectrum of brilliant researchers shaping the future of Colorado's leadership in science - and supporting this network with your organization and personal involvement. Prepare to make inspiring, relevant connections as a CO-LABS member. ​ The CO-LABS consortium includes Colorado federal research laboratories, research universities, state and local governments, economic development organizations, private businesses and nonprofit organizations. Plus, individuals with a savvy and principled support for science. ​ Your support includes funding for COLABS’ Economic Impact studies that quantify the significant contributions of federally funded labs to Colorado’s economy. You can also access special events, tours, reports and connections with Colorado’s innovative scientific resources. ​ "I have worked for companies that spun out of both NREL and JILA. These companies provide scientific equipment to a global community working on solving some of our most important problems. CO-LABS is doing a great service to the scientific community and the Colorado economy by bringing people from a wide variety of backgrounds together and highlighting the activities that take place here. My participation in events hosted by CO-LABS has helped foster strong connections with other participants and together, through our networks, we have made each other more successful business people, better communicators, and more involved in the political process.Thanks for all you do!” - Orri Jonsson, Sales & Marketing Manager, ColdQuanta Membership Levels: ​ CHAMPION Our top level membership. ​ Includes exclusive gatherings, presentations and access to Awards, tours, luncheons and conference calls and curated introductions with VIPs $3000/year Click for Info PROMOTER Special access to tours, reports and gatherings, including significant exposure within CO-LABS communications ​ and more ​ $1250/yr Click for Info SUPPORTER Engaging your organization with tours, presentation, networking and CO-LABS communications ​ and more ​ ​ $600/year Click for Info INDIVIDUAL ​ Basic membership for event and lab tour access, and support for CO-LABS ' mission and activities ​ $100/year Click for Info EVENT SPONSOR Options for ​ your organization to be highlighted at the annual Awards event, special workshops and gatherings Click for Info FRIENDS OF CO-LABS In-kind support for CO-LABS includes legal, administrative and communications projects, with access to events and other mutual benefits Click for Info

  • Members | 2020 CO-LABS

    OUR MEMBERS Our members value the impact of scientific research as an economic and intellectual driver of Colorado's economy. Whatever realm of technology, education, research, entrepreneurism, economic development or sheer curiosity our members come from, they support CO-LABS to be connected with the globally cutting-edge brilliance inherent in our network across federal research labs and our broader spectrum of scientific organizations. ​ Our members believe in Facts. Our members are inspired by Discovery. Our members know Science Matters. ​ AND - our members want to connect with others making discoveries, finding solutions, growing technology companies and championing science-informed policies. CHAMPION MEMBERS PROMOTER MEMBERS KEY PARTNERS AND SPONSORS

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