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Save the Date: August 6 & 7 NREL Partner Forum

Register today for the August 6 & 7, 2024 National Renewable Energy Laboratory Partner Forum. Industry experts, researchers, valued partners, and NREL leaders will discuss how decarbonizing a diverse portfolio of buildings, campuses, or larger communities results in enhanced energy efficiency and improved energy resilience and ensures the continuity of operations in the face of disruption. See more>>>

NREL's 2024 Partner Forum will address challenges and barriers to prioritizing affordability, resilience, reliability, and mission assurance as we decarbonize buildings. The program will include keynotes, panel sessions, and lightning talks from experts and relevant industry leaders, and a demonstration of NREL's forecasting capabilities that typically take place in the Energy Systems Integration Facility's visualization lab.

Participants will discuss:

  • How do we navigate the transitions and new technologies required to evolve how we build, equip, and maintain building infrastructure?

  • How do we prioritize affordability, resilience, reliability, environmental justice, and mission assurance as we decarbonize buildings?

  • What areas of opportunity do we foresee for developing the workforce involved in decarbonizing buildings and communities?

  • By electrifying buildings, how will we accommodate the increased electrical demand?

  • What are business models and procurement pathways for decarbonization?

  • How do we assess the energy and economic impacts of various technologies and prioritize those that offer the greatest return on investment to enhance mission assurance?

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