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  • Dan Powers

School of Mines' Orediggers Contribute to Colorado's PPE Production Efforts

Colorado School of Mines students and faculty are putting their ingenuity and engineering skills to work as part of a statewide effort to provide personal protective equipment to Colorado health care providers on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

Two Mines freshmen are among the makers firing up 3D printers across the state as part of Make4Covid, a coalition of Colorado  manufacturers and makers working to provide health care professionals with the equipment they need.

Photo: Plastic extenders for surgical masks come off the printer.Photo courtesy of Samuel Wicklund

“Helping out has always been a part of my background,” said Samuel Wicklund, who is majoring in electrical engineering. “Since I have a 3D printer, lots of extra material, and enjoy helping others, I decided that I would start printing these surgical mask extenders as a way to help those who were risking their own health and safety as well as being away from family so that they could help others.”

The simple plastic extenders are designed to go around the back of the head – instead of attaching the elastic of a surgical mask around the ears, the wearer can attach them to the extender, for a secure yet more comfortable wear. READ MORE>>>

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