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Federal Laboratory Consortium   website

Technology Transfer Offices of Colorado Federal Research Labs

Agriculture Research Service (ARS)   website
Bryan Kaphammer, Ph.D.
970.492.7028   email

Bureau of Reclamation Technical Services Center   website
Samantha Q. Zhang
303.445.2126   email 

Centers for Disease Control, Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases   website
Office is in Atlanta   email

Institute for Telecommunications Science, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIS)   website
Brian D. Lane, Executive Officer
303.497.3484   email

National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)   website
Research Applications Laboratory
Brant Foote, Director
303.497.8422   email
Meg McClellen, General Counsel
303.497.8875   email

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)   website
Terry Lynch, Senior Licensing Officer   email
Clara Asmail, Boulder Labs liaison
301.975.2691   email

NIST has announced a 2009 competition for multiyear research funding in two major areas of national interest, civil infrastructure and advanced materials in manufacturing, under its Technology Innovation Program (TIP). TIP expects to provide cost-shared funding for approximately 25 new R&D projects - Technology Innovation Program

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)   website
Boulder Earth Systems Research Lab (ESRL)
ESRL is the largest lab in Colorado
Richard Lataitis

NOAA is very decentralized and many units have their own T2 offices.
Silver Springs HQ Office of Research and Technology Applications:
Diane (Dee Dee) Rinaldo   email

National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)   website
Casey Porto, Vice President
Bill Farris
303.275.3069   email

National Wildlife Research Center, US Department of Agriculture,
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Technology Transfer Coordinator
Northern Plains Area and Southern Plains Area
970.492.7028   email

Rocky Mountain Research Station, US Forest Service
Science Application and Integration
Jan Engert - Acting Director

USGS Geographic Science Center   website
Mary Lou Pectol - Chief Office of Policy and Analysis, Reston, VA
703.648.6616   email

Business Development Branch, Geographic Sciences
Beth Duff

In addition to their sponsoring labs, CIRES (NOAA) and JILA (NIST)   website
work with the University of Colorado Technology Transfer office  
David Allen - Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer
303.735.1688   email

CIRA works with NOAA, the CSU Office of Vice President for Research and Information Technology and Colorado State University Research Foundation   website
Todd Headley - Director, Technology Transfer Office
970.484.0354   email

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