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Feb 1 Deadline: NSF Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science

The National Science Foundation's Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (NSF SOARS) is an undergraduate-to-graduate bridge program designed to broaden participation of historically underrepresented communities in the atmospheric and related sciences. 2024 Applications are due February 1.

Thw SOARS Program is designed to promote and support research, mentoring and community. NSF SOARS Protégés can participate for up to four (4) summers conducting research in atmospheric and earth-system sciences. NSF SOARS offers comprehensive financial support for summer research, conference travel, as well as undergraduate and graduate school funding. Over 90% of NSF SOARS Protégés advance to graduate school; and many have entered the workforce with the MS degree, and/or continued onto the PhD degree.

NSF SOARS invites students from multiple STEM disciplines -- including chemistry, ecology, engineering, geography, mathematics, meteorology, physics, and the social sciences--to deepen their expertise in understanding the Earth’s Atmosphere. In particular, NSF SOARS seeks to involve students from groups that are historically underrepresented in the sciences, including Black or African-American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, female, first-generation college students, veterans, and students with disabilities. NSF SOARS welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students; students who have experienced, and worked to overcome, educational or economic disadvantages, and/or who have personal or family circumstances that may complicate their continued progress in research careers.

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