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  • Dan Powers

Quantum Curriculum Coming to Colorado School of Mines

A new interdisciplinary graduate program at Colorado School of Mines will prepare engineers and scientists to contribute to the growing field of quantum technology – without the four- to six-year time commitment of earning a PhD.

Starting in Fall 2020, Mines will offer graduate certificates and thesis/non-thesis master’s degrees in Quantum Engineering, with specialization tracks in hardware and software.

“Quantum technology could revolutionize computing, communication, sensing and more, but critical workforce shortages are threatening to hamper progress,” said Eliot Kapit, associate professor of physics. “You don’t need a PhD to make an impact in quantum engineering – you need quantum literacy, and this program is designed to bring students and working professionals up to speed on key concepts needed by industry today, including cryogenic equipment operation, programming quantum systems and quantum optics setup and operation.”

Core courses in the Quantum Engineering program will focus on four areas: the fundamentals of quantum information, quantum many-body physics, quantum programming and low-temperature microwave measurements for quantum information. Students will also get unique access to cutting-edge quantum instruments, including helium-cooled units and device measurements using microwave network analyzers, spectrum and signal analyzers. READ MORE.

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