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Rep. Neguse Launches Federal Lab-Supporting Plan: "The Colorado Climate Way"

Congressman Joe Neguse, the only member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis from the Rocky Mountain West and the youngest, announced June 30 that he has secured several key Colorado climate action priorities in the Committee’s official congressional climate action report, which was released by the Committee and Speaker Pelosi to the American public June 30 as well. View remarks from Congressman Neguse at a press conference unveiling the report here, which include his strong support for federal research laboratories. Read the full report here.

CO-LABS Executive Director Dan Powers joined a media conference call on July 1 to offer remarks and gratitude for Representative Neguse's Colorado Climate Way Plan. "I also appreciate the notion that the federal labs need to be safeguarded - I would point out in particular that the Federal Labs Modernization Act and the Stop Climate Censorship Act included in the Plan particularly emphasize the need to support science," Dan remarked. "The Plan addresses the need to ensure that America has the best resources and the best equipment in the hands of our best scientists to help address climate change concerns." Read Dan's full remarks here.

Last summer, Congressman Neguse secured Colorado as the location for the Committee’s first and only official field hearing, where Committee members heard directly from Coloradans about priorities they wanted incorporated in the report. The Committee visited federal labs throughout the 2nd district in Golden, Boulder, and Superior, spoke with federal scientists and heard testimony from Governor Jared Polis, Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell and Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones. 

“Since my appointment to the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis last year, I have been hard at work hearing from Coloradans, from farmers, scientists and local leaders across Colorado and crafting proposals inspired by our communities to address the existential threat of climate change,” said Congressman Joe Neguse. “I am incredibly proud of how many Colorado ideas have been incorporated into the Committee’s national strategy for climate action, including my proposals to expand zero-emission vehicles and clean energy, revitalize our nation’s conservation corps, invest in regenerative agriculture research, safeguard scientific integrity, modernize our federal labs and protect the beautiful outdoor spaces Coloradans enjoy for generations to come. In Colorado, we feel the impacts of climate change in a visceral way and we have continued to meet this crisis with action, that’s the Colorado climate way. Now, the voice of Coloradans, their ideas, actions and ingenuity will be ingrained in a new national strategy for climate action that is essential for the Congress and the nation to take up.” 

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