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Oct. 25: Cybersecurity for Remote Work

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Cybersecurity best practices are crucial for everyone with a computer, laptop or smartphone to understand. While internet security issues have always been challenging for IT managers, now with employees working from home, or in many cases in other countries as "Digital Nomads", cyber security risks have grown significantly.

CO-LABS invites you to learn from Blake Schwank at Colorado Computer Support as he reviews ways you can keep yourself, your company and the government better protected from cyber threats. We will also learn what to do if the worst does happen and how to recover gracefully. UPDATE: Watch the Video on our YouTube channel.

Who should attend? Remote workers from any industry, government agency or academic institution will find this informative. You'll get ideas on questions to ask of your employer's protocols for cybersecurity and learn tips to be more secure with your internet-connected equipment.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

10:00- 11:00 am

FREE for CO-LABS members and friends

Background: The pandemic dramatically changed the way that employees work. In 2020, during lockdowns, almost every employee transitioned from the office to work from home. Over two years later, the statistics show that only 42 percent of the workforce is required to work full time in the office while 58 percent are able to work remotely full or part time.

In this context, the constant and evolving threats in the digital realm deserve attention - this webinar will help you understand key factors to assess and what steps to consider to reduce cybersecurity risks.

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